Our Technology

Our High Efficiency Nozzles are designed based on principles of fluid dynamics and thermal management to allow for increasing fire suppression rates by up to 2X without changing operational protocols.

Higher surface area of water stream allows for higher evaporation efficiency (steam conversion). Traditionally combination nozzles are used to create high surface area streams using internal mechanisms. However these systems lead to loss in range and penetration.

The following image shows a typical 50 GPM wildland combination nozzle at wide stream setting. The water stream has high surface area but loses its range and the direction is not optimum for fire suppression. Half the water is falling right next to the fire fighter and the remaining half is already in such small droplets that it has no penetration or wind stability.

Our Higher Efficiency Nozzles (HEN) combines the efficiency of a smooth bore nozzle with breakthrough flow pathway allowing streams that have long range and penetration but create a diverging pattern like combination nozzles.

The following image compares HEN 50 GPM smooth bore nozzle vs a standard combination nozzle used by wildland fire departments.

Our unique stream pattern allow faster heat removal efficiency than traditional smooth bore nozzles.

The following image compares stream of a traditional 150 GPM smooth bore nozzle vs HEN smooth bore nozzle.

HEN Nozzle’s breakthrough smooth bore design allows forming large coverage and small water droplets while maintaining long range.

What does this means for fire suppression efficiency?

Because of smaller droplets spread over a larger area, HEN nozzles unique stream pattern absorbs heat faster and converts to steam. Whereas for traditional smooth-bore nozzles, a large portion of water jet falls on the ground and either flows away or gets absorbed by the ground.

If we zoom-in, we can see that traditional smooth-bore nozzles have significantly larger droplets. These droplets are not able to absorb heat fast enough. Thus reducing efficiency. The following images show water stream geometry of HEN smooth bore nozzles vs traditional smooth bore nozzles.

 Our test shows that for the same PSI and GPM, HEN Nozzle’s wide stream pattern can help remove heat at 40-50% higher rate than traditional smooth bore nozzles.

Why is this important?

Fires grow exponentially. Rate of suppression is especially critical for wildland fires. A 50% higher heat removal rate in a growing wildland fire may mean reducing fire growth rate significantly.

As an example, if growth rate of a major fire like the Carr fire is reduced by a few percentage points, it can prevent hundreds of thousands of acres from burning and save billions of dollars.

Our technology is designed for maximum fire suppression and can prevent damage to life and property.


High Efficiency Nozzle products are smooth bore nozzles with patented flow pathway that allows high surface area water streams. These HEN nozzles are available for various flow rates from 35 GPM to 150 GPM.