The future of firefighting

Wildfires are the biggest environmental threat facing the world. Millions of acres of land burned  in the Western US, displacing tens of thousands of people and forcing millions to breathe in unhealthy air for months.

With warmer and drier seasons, in places like California, wildfires are becoming a year around risk. At HEN, our mission is to use the power of science to equip our firefighters with the most advanced tools and technologies.

Nozzles are the key tools for fire-fighting

HEN Nozzles suppress fire Up to 3x Faster using 50% less water

Growing Risk of Wildfires

Wildfires are getting Bigger, More Frequent and More Destructive

0 %
of all air pollution is wildfire related
0 %
of global carbon produced is wildfire related

Impact on water conservation in California

2022 is the driest year on record in California.

HEN Nozzles can allow engine to cover 2X more distance with same amount of water. This not only helps conserve water but saves precious time that would otherwise be required to refill the engines. This has become even more critical because of severe drought and high wildfire risk.

Firefighter Wellness

Less Nozzle Reaction

HEN nozzles reduce nozzle reaction by using less water


Less thermal balance disruption

HEN's patented stream causes less disturbance in the thermal layer

Funded by the National Science Foundation