The future of firefighting

Wildfires are one the biggest environmental threats facing the world today. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information Annual 2020 Wildfires Report, in the United States there were approximately 58,000 fires that burned 10.3 million acres (a US record) and damaged or destroyed nearly 18,000 structures in 2020. Another 7.13 million acres burned in 2021. These fires displaced tens of thousands of people and forced millions to breathe unhealthy air for months. The unhealthy air stretched from coast to coast. Wildfires affect everyone whether they are directly impacted or not.

With warmer and drier seasons, in places like California, wildfires are becoming a year around risk. At HEN, our mission is to use the power of science to equip our firefighters with the most advanced tools and technologies.

Nozzles are the key tools for fire-fighting

HEN Nozzles suppress fire Up to 3x Faster using 50% less water

Growing Risk of Wildfires

Wildfires are getting Bigger, More Frequent and More Destructive

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of all air pollution is wildfire related
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of global carbon produced is wildfire related

Impact on water conservation in California

2022 is the driest year on record in California.

HEN Nozzles allow an engine company to cover twice the distance with the same amount of water. This not only conserves water but saves precious time that would otherwise be required to refill the engines.

World’s First Adjustable Smoothbore Nozzle

It is well documented that Modern structure fires (1980-present) burn hotter and faster than Legacy fires (1950-1970) and reach flashover quicker. Wildland fires, while not a flashover threat, possess a similar danger in that improper water application can delay or even impede extinguishment. At HEN,  we have developed a nozzle that gives the firefighter a better chance to succeed. Our patented adjustable SmoothBore nozzle gives the firefighter a stream that is solid in its makeup but is adaptable to their situation. With a simple quarter turn the stream can be adjusted from a solid tight stream (consistent with any stream that a comparable SmoothBore tip would make) to a wider blade like stream. This wider stream covers more area and allows the firefighter to apply the most water where it is needed most. 


More Efficient Water Application

With its adjustable SmoothBore tip technology, HEN nozzles allow the firefighter to manipulate the solid stream like never before. By doing this, the firefighter can apply the stream where it needs to go with less movement of the nozzle. This places more of the water in areas that have the highest heat production with less water on the ground or being vaporized.



The added benefit of a Highly Efficient Nozzle is that it requires less effort by the firefighter. Better placement of water means less movement of the nozzle is needed to disperse the water. This in turn reduces the energy required to extinguish the fire and firefighter fatigue.​



HEN's patented stream allows the firefighter to apply more water in the upper levels of the fire without having to "whip" the nozzle around. Reduced movement of the nozzle, and the water stream it produces, results in less disturbance of the thermal layers. This leads to better visibility and a safer environment for firefighters and civilians.

Funded by the National Science Foundation